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Nashville B-cycle is priced to encourage lots of short trips.

After purchasing a pass, users can take an unlimited number of 60 minute trips during their membership (or access period). Usage fees of $1.50 per 30 minutes apply to every trip over 1 hour

Please Note: Bikes checked out longer than 24-hours may incur fees for lost equipment.

24 Hour Membership

Buy at any B-station

24 Hour Membership
1st hour of every ride included

Additional Fees

 First 0-60 minutes of every ride
 Each additional 30 minutes
 Max per day

All prices include applicable sales tax.   


Sign up online - includes personal online profile with ride tracking

 Annual  $50

Additional Fees

1st Hour
Each Additional 30 Minutes
Max per day $45

All prices include applicable sales tax.


Annual and 30 Day members get a special B-card that lets them check out bikes right from the bike's dock. This saves you money and gets you around faster!

Join B-cycle

Nashville B-cycle Replacement Fees

B-card Replacement  $5
B-cycle Bike Replacement  $1234
B-cycle Key Replacement  $10
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